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Regional Priority

The Cinzano range of sparkling wines includes both sweet and dry versions, each with their own unique characteristics. The Cinzano sparkling wines are ideal for a toast, at the end of a meal, or for any special occasion.  Pinot Chardonnay, Prosecco D.O.C., Rosé and Gran Sec are perfect as aperitif and best enjoyed in a flûte, whilst Asti D.O.C.G. and Gran Dolce are best offered at the end of a meal, in a champagne glass, to accompany dessert.

Cinzano Asti D.O.C.G. is the most renowned of all the Cinzano sparkling wines. It is produced using white Moscato grapes from the D.O.C.G. area of Asti, in the heart of Piedmont. It possesses a sweet and fruity flavour.

Sweet Edition is sweet, light and fizzy sparkling wine that is obtained from the noblest grapes, from selected vineyards within Italy.

Cinzano Pinot Chardonnay comes from the natural fermentation of specially selected Pinot and Chardonnay grapes that provide the exclusive sparkling brut with its fragrant and fruity flavour.

Cinzano Prosecco D.O.C. is an aromatic sparkling wine, from the best vineyard areas of the Colline Trevigiane. It is a young sparkling wine, with a vivacious froth and subtle but persistent perlage.

Dry Edition is a dry sparkling wine, produced through a natural fermentation process.  It is characterised by a fresh and pleasing perfume and a slightly fruity, balanced and enjoyable flavour.

Cinzano Rosé is the latest addition to the Cinzano sparkling wine range. Cinzano Rosé is a dry sparkling wine characterized by its natural pink color and brilliant reflections. It has a fresh, intense and penetrating aroma with a bouquet of delicate wild berries.

Germany, Italy, Russia


Sparkling Wines
Regional Priority

Mondoro is an Italian superior quality sparkling wine range.

Its elegant taste and prestigious, sensual bottle design are a symbol of taste and style.

Through the years, Mondoro has won more gold medals for taste and quality than any other Asti.

Its 11 golds, 11 silvers and 12 bronzes make it the most highly acclaimed of all Italian sparkling wines – and reinforce its position as the world’s finest Asti.



Sparkling Wines
Regional Priority

Riccadonna is one of Campari Group’s historical brands.

Founded in 1921 in Canelli, a province of Asti, from the initiative of Ottavio Riccadonna who began producing Piedmont wines and vermouth.

The range of qualitative Italian dry and sweet sparkling wines brings a touch of sparkle and relaxed sophistication to any occasion.

Campari Group acquired the brand in 2003.

Asia, Pacific, South America


Sparkling Wines
Regional Priority