Campari Group and IBA collaborate to promote responsible serving

Campari Group and IBA collaborate to promote responsible serving

Campari Group and IBA (International Bartender Association) collaborate to promote responsible serving

Designed to engage and sensitize the bartender community to responsible serving practices, and to educate them regarding the properties and effects of alcohol, Bartender Hero empowers the bartenders and mixologists to guide consumers towards responsible consumption.

Inaugurated as a pilot project in 2019 in Italy, the project was born as a free online course accessible through the website aimed at bartenders and all those who want to educate themselves about responsible and quality service.

The Bartender Hero initiative stems from the conviction that education is the key to ensuring responsible serving and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. The project highlights the crucial role of bartenders in educating the consumer to prioritize the quality of a drink or a cocktail prepared with the highest expertise over the quantity consumed.

Thanks to the partnership with IBA, the most important international bartender organization in the world and a point of reference for all operators in the sector, Bartender Hero now reaches an international dimension and a wider audience thanks to the network of over 50,000 bartenders who are members of the Association.

Campari Group’s Sr Public Affairs & Sustainability Director Aldo Davoli comments: “By once again focusing on one of our most relevant stakeholders, the bartender, we are proud to launch internationally a project which was born at local level, leveraging on the cooperation with a global partner and point of reference for the entire sector: the International Bartender Association (IBA). Thanks to this partnership we can now export and further reinforce worldwide our commitment to responsible serving, playing our part in combating irresponsible drinking patterns. A further step forward which confirms, once again, the active role played by Campari Group and the industry as a whole in the area of responsible practices.”

IBA President Mr. Giorgio Fadda comments: Our commitment to cultural and social education in the field of responsible drinking is renewed and evolved. To reach the bartenders of the world, IBA has diversified its communication models and strategies with this new challenge. Bartender Hero was born from the direct collaboration with Campari Group, one of our historical and illustrious partners who has always been sensitive to responsible alcohol consumption.

The constellation of subjects who are committed to promote this issue have always been the same, the ones that offer professional quality standards. By looking at the past, when Campari entrusted the promotion of its products to great and innovative artists, who expressed themselves by creating "advertisement" posters that are now considered masterpieces, and by a look to the future, where the multimedia game involves in a virtual animation representing the bartender, calling him to respond in person, to tastes, skills and self-perception.

It’s worth highlighting this collaboration, an ability to offer a drink of the highest quality and the mission of accompanying the customer in a totally new unusual virtual view, of what an experience of the pleasure of drinking is.”


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