Campari toasts to Official Partnership with 75th Festival de Cannes

Campari toasts to Official Partnership with 75th Festival de Cannes

Campari toasts to Official Partnership with 75th Festival de Cannes

Cannes | 22nd May 2022 – During the first year as an official partner of Festival de Cannes, the iconic Italian red aperitivo, Campari, continued to push the boundaries of creativity to bring its Red Passion to the 75th edition of the world-renowned film Festival with a memorable evening attended by stars such as actor and producer, Édgar Ramírez, member of the jury for this year’s Festival de Cannes.

Continuing Campari’s existing legacy in the world of cinema and hosted at a venue in the heart of Cannes, the brand invited each guest to become the hero of a sequence of immersive cinema moments. Each corner of the event offered opportunities for guests to discover different experiences and capture moments that enhanced their own personal storytelling, allowing them to become protagonists themselves. The unmissable red sequence of the evening continued across a series of these special, interactive moments and could be seen from all over the Croisette, with vibrant red lighting beaming into the night sky.

Attended by stars, the evening was the latest example of Campari’s dedication to the cinema industry and each moment was curated to push the boundaries of what is expected to go beyond the norm and turn the guest from spectator to protagonist. A standout feature included an intriguing black cube that upon entry, invited guests to answer a question that would reflect their film preference, activating a visual environment based on their favourite genre. The guests were then served a specially curated cocktail made by a hidden mixologist, delivered through the wall.

The brand’s relationship with cinema started in the 1920s as a platform to express its Red Passion and creativity in an intriguing and mysterious way, starting with unique collaborations with artists as well as a notable partnership with Federico Fellini on a TV advertisement in 1984. This rich history has continued in recent times with Campari Red Diaries, a series of short films with iconic acting and directing legends such as Sorrentino, Clive Owen, Zoe Saldana, Ana De Armas and many others, with the legacy set to continue this year.

Throughout the evening, guests were invited to enjoy Campari cocktails masterfully created by Camparino in Galleria; the legendary bar opened by Davide Campari in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 1915 that now holds position as number 27 in the World’s 50 Best Bars list 2022. The evening was the perfect backdrop to discover the taste of Campari, the unforgettable ingredient sitting at the heart of some of the world’s most famous and best-selling cocktails, such as the iconic Negroni and the contemporary Campari Spritz.

To honour the first year of the Official Partnership, Camparino in Galleria created a unique cocktail to be served exclusively at Festival de Cannes; Red Carpet – Cannes Edition. The cocktail is the perfectly balanced combination of Campari with Espolòn Tequila Blanco, Cinzano Vermouth Bianco, Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, sea leaf infused Fino Sherry, salt syrup, bitter orange and cider essence, garnished with orange peel. The fresh flavour and salty notes of the cocktail elicit the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere of the Festival de Cannes red carpet, while the timeless versatility of Campari complements the profile with its bitter taste and unique red colour. Campari believes that every cocktail is an everlasting creation that tells a unique story, and this cocktail tells a tale that truly goes beyond the usual. 

In addition to its event on 21st May, throughout Festival de Cannes, Campari has been hosting an array of exclusive and unexpected events in the Campari Lounge, located in the heart of the film Festival, the Palais de Festival. Much like the Campari event each photoshoot, film’s promotional event and aperitif has brought to life great stories and will continue to be unveiled across Campari Global social media throughout the Festival period.

Campari Group’s Head of Global Marketing, Julka Villa comments: “In the midst of the 75th Edition of Festival de Cannes, the Campari event was an exciting opportunity for us to invite key guests from the cinema industry and film enthusiasts to come together and be immersed in a Campari experience as creative and innovative as the brand’s legacy in cinema. Campari believe that great stories lie beyond the usual and provide a timeless showcase of creativity and passion, and our event was the perfect opportunity to bring this Red Passion to the world-famous film Festival. In addition to our celebration to Cinema, in the first week of Festival de Cannes, we have been honoured to host a number of other events at the Campari Lounge and look forward to hosting the events that are still to come.”

Please follow Campari’s social media channels for further information @campariofficial.   

RED CARPET – Cannes Edition by Camparino in Galleria


  • 35ml Campari
  • 20ml Espolòn Tequila Blanco
  • 15ml sea leaf infused Fino Sherry
  • 15ml Cinzano Vermouth Bianco
  • 5ml salt syrup
  • 2 dash bitter orange
  • 2 dash Wray & Nephew overproof rum
  • Cider essence

Garnish: orange peel

Method: stir and strain

Glass: old fashioned