Campari speaks directly to consumers through the voice of the bartender
in an engaging content series to reinforce the concept of Red Passion


Milan, 25/05/21: Campari, the iconic Italian red aperitif has launched the next phase of the intriguing new digital campaign, establishing the brands’ ethos of Red Passion through the voice of the bartender. The new impactful content series follows the first phases of the campaign which demonstrated Red Passion through remarkable artists leaving their comfort zone, transforming their passion into an outstanding creation. Now talking directly to the consumer, the new phase features outstanding cocktail creations at the heart, and the bartender as the personification of the brand, to further bring the concept alive. 

At the heart of the content is the Campari bartender a master of creativity, artistry, and passion – who guides the viewer through the intriguing concept of Red Passion, the creative urge inside that beats within and is impossible to ignore, shaping our nights, and inspiring our days. This creativity and passion is also portrayed through various archetypes who further embody Red Passion – an actor, orchestra director and a writer – all showcasing their creative urge and moment of creation, aiming to inspire Red Passion in the hearts and minds of the viewer, leaving us to ponder – do we choose Red Passion, or does Red Passion choose us? 

Since its creation in 1860, Campari’s visionary and forward-thinking attitude has constantly pushed the boundaries of creativity to go beyond the norm, exploring uncharted languages of advertising and tapping into the talent of artists, painters and designers. Thanks to its founders’ creative genius, Campari’s deep-rooted affiliation with the creative world has seen limitless creations with world famous names such as Fellini and Sorrentino to name a few, to visually express Campari’s passion and creativity in an intriguingly evocative way. 

This passion and creativity is also portrayed through some of the best bartenders across the world that truly embody Red Passion, creating iconic masterpieces at the forefront of cocktail culture, such as the Campari Negroni and the Americano.

This new campaign focuses on four key pillars that encapsulate the Red Passion experience for consumers: the bartender, the bar, the consumption occasion and the Campari cocktail itself. Speaking through the voice of the bartender, a master of Campari creations, the brand communicates directly with the audience, at the place where everything happens – the bar. Centred around the iconic and inspirational liquid itself, and the outstanding cocktail creations it inspires, the convivial moment of consumption comes alive. The digital native nature of the content encourages engagement on social media, inviting the viewer to show their own Red Passion, giving shape to their creativity, allowing it to evolve. 

Francesco Cruciani, Managing Director Italian Icons at Campari Group commented: “Campari has an inspiring history that has evoked passion since 1860, constantly inspiring limitless creations through artists in different fields as much then, as we do now. We believe that it is Red Passion that leads to creation, that is why through the new and intriguing content, we wanted to further establish the concept for consumers.  Through the voice of the bartender, we speak directly to the audience, bringing the consumption moment alive, whilst showcasing the possibilities of creation inspired by passion. We believe that Red Passion is inside us all and encourage viewers to follow their own passion in the path to creation.” 

The campaign was devised by creative agency Wunderman Thompson, with the digital creative strategy led by We Are Social and all films produced by Movie Magic. 
If you too want to follow your Red Passion and go beyond the ordinary you can watch the videos on the Campari website and on YouTube.
For more information about Red Passion and Campari visit and follow @campariofficial.

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•    Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson
•    Digital Creative Agency: We Are Social
•    Production Company: Movie Magic / Skipless
•    Photos Studios: Skipless / Aura Photo Agency

Campari, the iconic, unforgettable Italian red spirit sitting at the heart of some of the world’s most famous cocktails. Campari was founded in Milan in 1860 by Gaspare Campari, and pioneered by his son, Davide, who created something so distinctive and revolutionary that its secret recipe has not been altered since. Vibrant red in colour, Campari’s unique and multi-layered taste is the result of the infusion of herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. As well as being unique and distinctive, Campari is extremely versatile, offering boundless and unexpected possibilities. As a source of this passionate inspiration since its creation seen through its founders’ creative genius, artists in different fields and the world’s best bartenders, Campari stimulates your instincts to unlock your passions, inspiring limitless creations.