Crodino, the non-alcoholic Italian Aperitivo, is launching in the UK

Crodino, the non-alcoholic Italian Aperitivo, is launching in the UK

Say ‘Ciao’ to Crodino; the Sophisticated, Sparkling and Surprisingly Non-Alcoholic, Italian Aperitivo 

Launching this May, Crodino serves up a taste of Summer with its deliciously bittersweet flavour, inviting you to start your evening with friends through the art of the Italian Aperitivo 

[4 MAY] [UK] Crodino, the non-alcoholic Italian Aperitivo, is launching in the UK – marking the start of summer, warmer weather, and brighter evenings. With a distinctive citrusy flavour and surprisingly lively bubbles, it’s the perfect way to begin your evening during the post-work, pre-meal ‘Aperitivo’ moment. 

Crodino’s rich aromatic profile and bittersweet taste is complex and rewarding, paired with sparkling bubbles making it refreshing on the palate. Opening with distinctive orange notes leading to a bittersweet flavour, its aftertaste is long-lasting with a zesty, spicy, herbal and 
woody finish. 

With this surprisingly complex botanical profile, and a deep Italian heritage stretching over fifty years since its creation in 1965, Crodino embodies the art of the Italian Aperitivo; a daily feature of the Italian lifestyle and a ‘Rituale Italiano’ that brings quality taste and quality company together to whet the appetite ahead of your meal. This moment symbolises the end of the working day, celebrating the beginning of the evening ahead and the possibilities it may bring. To embrace the art of the Italian Aperitivo with Crodino, simply serve chilled 
Crodino in a long-stemmed wine glass over ice, and garnish with a slice of fresh orange. 

Crodino is created by a blend of 15 high-quality spices, herbs, roots and woods sourced from around the world. At the heart of Crodino’s aroma and flavour profile are renowned ingredients: 
- Nutmeg, one of the most popular spices used in cuisine, liqueur and cordial recipes, adding a strong nutty and slightly sweet aroma
- Coriander Seeds are used for their woody fragrance with peppery and floral notes
- Clove Buds are blended, giving a balsamic spice and flowery sweet aroma
- Cardamom, the final main ingredient, and well-known for its extremely precious essential oil, gives its intensely aromatic and spicy, woody fragrance that is hot and peppery with eucalyptus and camphor undertones.

To further elevate the Italian Aperitivo moment, Crodino can be perfectly paired with a variety of deliciously simple, light bites. A tasty selection of aperitivo dishes and little plates of savoury specialities are recommended to match the lively tasting notes of Crodino and enrich the overall Aperitivo experience. 

The signature taste of Crodino has remained unchanged for fifty years; the drink today continues to respect the original recipe kept secret by Crodino’s Herbalist & Master Blender; Bruno Malavasi. 

Tapping into his sensorial instincts, Bruno Malavasi captures the signature profile and surprisingly rich taste of Crodino in every drop. 

Commenting on his ownership of the Crodino legacy, Bruno commented; “As the guardian of the original recipe, I place an enormous amount of care into my work to continue delivering the exact same sensorial drinking experience as that very first sip over 50 years ago. It is thrilling to see the secret combination of fifteen botanicals come together in perfect balance with the assistance of time. In fact, time is one of the most fundamental ingredients in creating Crodino, allowing the blend to mature and develop its multi-layered flavour. Crodino, like all great things, takes time, precision, care and knowledge of the highest level.”

Crodino is currently available in hundreds of restaurants and bars across the UK, such as Eataly, Polpo and Pastaio, as well as on Amazon. 
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